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    Rewards on Blue

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    Sing Sweet Praises

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    Sr. Redempta Dennerlein

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    Sr. Clementia. Registered Fireman and Laundress

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    Sr. Vincentine Kehrer

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    Sr. Benigna at her Sewing Machine

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    Sr. Olympia Heul, Face

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    When the Christ Returns

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    Varied Gifts of Community

Sr. Karlyn Cauley

(b. 1943)

Sister Karlyn Cauley, SDS, emulates her pious life to create beautiful paintings and drawings. She entered the sisterhood in 1961, and early in her career, she found a love of teaching art. Encouraged by a fellow sister, she continued her education by attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison, earning a degree in Masters of Art. She was able to study at the American Shaker Colonies, a folk art style that is prevalent in her work today. Her works are simplistic yet almost meditative in nature, bringing a wholesome calmness to each space. She continues to inspire the students at Divine Savior Holy Angels by working at her on campus art studio and encouraging students to participate in gallery exhibitions along side her own work.

In 2018, KFI acquired a collection of 64 photographs and 82 paintings. The photographs documented an unique view of the Sisters of the Divine Savior in Milwaukee, WI while sisters still wore full habits. The photographs of the sisters at work and at leisure reflect a snapshot of a time now past.  The photographic collection was gifted to the Wisconsin Historical Society and the paintings were gifted to six organizations including Edgewood College and Alverno College.