• Last Dance on a Hot Planet

    Last Dance on a Hot Planet

  • "Sunrise on the River"

    "Sunrise on the River"

  • "River People - The Flood"

    "River People - The Flood"

  • "Dear Friends"

    "Dear Friends"

  • "Old Souls"

    "Old Souls"

  • "The River People"

    "The River People"

  • "Whooping Cranes Under Distress"

    "Whooping Cranes Under Distress"

  • "Untitled"


  • "Untitled"


Sally Duback

(b. 1946)

Kohler Foundation is working with Milwaukee artist, Sally Duback to place her artworks, primarily paintings. In 2019 a major mural titled “Last Dance on a Hot Planet” was placed at Northland College. Given their environmental emphasis, this was a perfect fit. The work is intended to convey a message about our environment and some of the endangered species who inhabit it. Sally states, “I chose frogs because so many people believe that they are abundant-but in fact, many species of frogs are endangered. I think of them as canaries in the coal mine, as their declining numbers that would warn us about a compromised environment and the potential problems that will pose for our survival’. The mural, with frogs on a human scale, is made up of mostly up-cycled and recycled objects, including broken and discarded jewelry, shells, buttons, stones, beads, handmade cloth, seed beads and polymer clay beads. It is a stunning and impactful piece!

A second gift was made to The Nature Conservancy in Madison, WI. This collection of paintings—colorful, bold, and strong—draw from Sally’s observation of the Milwaukee River at flood stage as well as winter scenes. She finds the river different every day and endlessly fascinating. Sally also shared a print of the whooping crane from a large series of monoprints dealing with endangered species, printed on paper made from recycled cloth.

University of Wisconsin-Platteville gladly accepted 16 works for their new academic building, Sesquicentennial Hall. Cranes, frogs, and other wildlife will decorate the classrooms of engineering and computer science student. Installation of the artwork will follow the buildings completion in the Summer of 2021.

Kohler Foundation continues to work with Sally and welcomes interested non-profit institutions to contact us.