Timothy Wehrle

(b. 1978)

Timothy Wehrle’s work explores dream narratives that dance between the visionary experience, music, and the politics of resisting marginalization. His new drawings poetically unwrap the concept of a Cold War of the soul in a new world, where the artist-citizen is constantly acted upon by encroaching depersonalization, but is able to resist and ultimately strike back utilizing dreams, visions and art-making.

Wehrle idealizes and reinvents the world through his work, sweetening it to the point of near-fetishism. As the artist himself claims, “In my work I render everything with sweetness: faces, colors, characters, settings, everything…because this is a world I have created, and to me it is real, and the sweetness in the work is the sweetness that has been missing in the world around me.” Wehrle manages to combine inner and outer worlds in such a way that we are drawn in and able to reveal our own potential to be healed by his work.

Kohler Foundation acquired 10 of Wehrle's drawings, which were included in the 2012 exhibit, "The Line Unleashed" at the John Michael Kohler Arts Center. The drawings are now part of the Arts Center's collection.