Peeko Puppets

An expansive collection of hand-crafted marionettes, props, stages, hand-painted backdrops, scripts, and other materials were gifted to Kohler Foundation by puppeteers Billie Logan and Ellie Reed. Beautifully crafted marionettes, dressed in the finest hand-sewn costumes, once graced stages across the Midwest as Peeko Puppets entertained thousands of children and adults.

Puppeteers Billie Logan and Ellie Reed created the Peeko Puppets, a collection of more than 60 marionettes. Both skilled at the art of creating as well as performing, the Peeko Puppets came to Kohler Foundation in beautiful condition, with limited conservation treatment required. Each puppet and piece of equipment was documented, measured and photographed.

The Peeko Puppets joined a large collection of marionettes by well-known puppeteer Tom Tichenor at the Nashville Public Library in Nashville, TN. Regular programming in the Children's Division brings marionette shows, story hours, and children's activities to thousands of children each week. The Peeko Puppets were gifted to the Nashville Public Library in December 2003. 

For more information, call the Nashville Public Library, 615-862-5800.