Jean Stamsta


Jean Stamsta from Monches, WI was renowned for pioneering the art of tubular weaving. She created imaginative, colorful landscapes and still-lives, often combining fabric, paint, mirrors and glitter. Her work has been placed in the collections of many public institutions, including the Milwaukee Art Museum, American Crafts Museum, Arkansas Art Center, Museum of Fine Arts in Columbus, Ohio, and the Cleveland Museum of Art.

The artist generously donated a large collection of fiber works and painting to Kohler Foundation in 2009. The textile works in the collection were created with wool, cotton and other natural fabrics, and most of the fabrics were hand-dyed. The paintings are acrylic, some including mixed media, on handmade paper or canvas.

After conservation treatment and careful cleaning, Kohler Foundation gifted portions of the collection to the Museum of Wisconsin Art, the Racine Art Museum, Carroll University, Edgewood College, and Alverno College in 2009, 2010 and 2011.

Prior to Jean's passing (October 2013), she arranged for Kohler Foundation to assist with placing additional pieces of art, primarily her delightful and colorful paintings. Additional gifts have been made to Ripon College, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Lawrence University, and others. 

Anyone interested in Jean Stamsta's work would be well-served to visit the Carroll University Graduate Center in Waukesha, WI. Carroll made a strong commitment to Stamsta's art when they populated the new Graduate Center with fiber pieces.