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Arts at the Waelderhaus

Please join us for Arts at the Waelderhaus, a series of intimate performances at the historic “house in the woods” on select Sundays in 2019.  Our performances for 2019 are listed below.

Admission is free and no tickets are necessary.  Reservations are encouraged due to limited capacity.

Please call the Waelderhaus at 920-453-2851 to reserve your seat, or e-mail, kohlerfoundation@kohler.com.


Arts at the Waelderhaus welcomes the LunaBellas, a local Hmong dance troupe, who will perform traditional Hmong dances as well as provide a presentation about Hmong culture on Sunday, August 18 at 2 p.m.
During the dance performance, the LunaBellas, who will be dressed from head to toe with bells and charms that swing and jingle with the slightest motion, will perform dance combinations filled with the bubbly energy characteristic of Hmong dance. The melding of movement and melody that are a hallmark of Hmong folk dance will be on display with the jingling jewelry creating a ringing that is infectiously jolly. Between the dances, the LunaBellas will describe their embroidered costumes and elaborate silver jewelry that feature prominently in Hmong ethnic dances as well as share the story of the Hmong migration from China into the mountains of Laos to the crossing of the Mekong River into refugee camps in Thailand and finally to the United States. Guests will get to touch and see the exquisite hand-stitched Pai Ntaub (embroidery) filled with history and the heavy silver jewelry that has been passed on from generation to generation.


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