Situated among the trees on a high bluff overlooking the winding Sheboygan River, The Waelderhaus stands as a tribute to the tradition of Bregenzerwald (forest of Bregenz) Province of Vorarlberg, Austria. This picturesque mountain valley on the western border of Austria was the ancestral homeland of the Kohler family.

Located in Kohler, Wisconsin, Waelderhaus, or "a house in the woods," is a tribute to the architecture peculiar to this Alpine area, and stands as a museum of minute detail in the perfect marriage of artistry and superb craftsmanship. The interior is replete with rich carvings, wrought-iron craftsmanship and stained glass. Austrian furniture and tapestries also grace the hall.

Kaspar Albrecht, a talented sculptor and architect from Munich, spent two years designing and directing the building of The Waelderhaus. He also created the carvings, woodcuts, reliefs, and iron and pewter work that enhance the building, and personally designed and supervised all phases of decor, from maps and tapestries, to curtains and rods.

The Waelderhaus is managed by Kohler Foundation, Inc. It is located at 1100 W. Riverside Dr. in Kohler, and is open daily (except holidays) to the public for guided tours, free of charge.

For information or to arrange a group tour, please contact The Waelderhaus Manager at: (920) 453-2851 or (920) 458-1972.

For more information about recent and upcoming events at the Waelderhaus, including the annual Gingerbread Festival click here.